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Sponsor Spotlight: Haeare Design

Today I would like to introduce you all to a new fabric brand called as the Haeare Design (“hae(偕), which means ‘to gather’” and “rae(來), which means ‘to come.’” So “Haerae” means “to come together”). I am in awe and drooling over the Haerae Design’s Aztec collection designed by Lady Leia.


Established by Daniel Ahn in 2014, Haerae Design works with talented designers from all over the world to create unique and original fabric patterns. And indeed when you look at their new Aztec collection designed by Lady Lei, I am sure you will all be mesmerized, just like I am. Have a look:

IMG_0784 IMG_0767 IMG_0772 IMG_0771

The Aztec collection designed by Lady Lei was inspired by the dynamic atmosphere of Aztec civilization. The bright colors and geometric patterns are a treat to the eye and will transport you to a different era.

ladyleia_arztec-flower ladyleia_aztec-coco-cut ladyleia_aztec-coco-stripe

I LOVE all their fabrics and cant wait for their upcoming second collection – From Space To Earth. Please do visit them and show them some love!



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