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New in my Etsy Shop – Cotton and Terry Snapping UnPaper Towels Roll

Green, beautiful, FUNCTIONAL! Unpaper towels are a great way to do something earth friendly and save money on paper towels at the same time. These are washable, reusable, soft and absorbent, and make a great gift!

Whatever you might use a paper towel for, you can use these cloths. Dry your hands, wipe up spills, clean the dining room table, dinner napkins, etc, etc. Even better then paper towels, you can actually clean glass and mirrors without leaving linty bits like paper towels and other cloths can do.

What’s the problem with paper towels?? The main problem is that the paper towels that most people use are made from virgin tree pulp. That means that trees are cut down and harvested for something that you are going to use ONE time. And then it gets thrown away…adding to the landfill problem. Oh and to make it even worse for the environment, they bleach the pulp releasing toxic chemicals into our environment. (For something that is used one time?!?)

So, cloth is better in so many ways. You can expect years of use from these cloths. And considering that you can toss these small cloths in with laundry that you already have to do…it doesn’t really have much environmental impact once you get them home.

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– Each set has EIGHT towels made of 100% premium printed cotton/flannel front and backed with a thirsty terry cloth.
– Each towel has 3 easy snaps on each end so you can snap the towels together. Snaps are sewn to withstand daily snapping and unsnapping. The middle snap keeps the cloth from sagging and the snaps will not scratch surfaces.
– Each towel has been turned and top-stitched for a longer life. I have also stitched across each towel to prevent bunching of the fabrics. These towels are made to last very long.
– Includes 3 elastic loops with snaps to easily attach to your existing paper towel roll.

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Suggested uses:
~ Great for everyday cleaning duties ~ Keep by the sink for dishcloths
~ Have some in the bathroom to dry hands
~ Have some by the highchair for baby spills
~ Snap two towels together for an instant baby bib
~ Snap onto a towel bar in the bathroom for hand towels
~ Wrap around your swiffer and snap together for reusable swiffer pads

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Care instructions:
When they are dirty throw them in the washer with cold or warm water and mild detergent. It’s best if you don’t use fabric softener so they will be more absorbent, and dry on LOW HEAT! If your towel is very dirty pre-treat with detergent or dish soap that cuts grease. Do not iron snaps or tag. Vinegar can be placed in the rinse cycle along with wool dryer balls to softens clothes and remove any smells!

Handmade with love in Canada in a smoke and pet-free environment.

All products are created in very limited quantities, so if you see something you like scoop it up! They are available for you to buy for you to buy here at my shop:

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