Sponsor Spotlight: Wazoodle

My search for absorbent fabrics for the core of my handmade cloth menstrual pads led me to a wonderful textile store, Wazoodle. Wazoodle.com is a huge online retailer, based in New Jersey, USA, and they sell all diaper making (or non diaper making) fabrics and supplies, like

I immediately placed an order for a super absorbent fabric called Zorb that they sell. I now will be using zorb as the absorbent core for all my cloth menstrual pads.

What is Zorb?
Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber, the same fibers found in virtually every AIO diaper on the market – nothing else. These non-allergenic fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize. Zorb absorbs 10x its weight in less than half a second — that’s 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp. Zorb has incredible holding power too, a single layer holds up to 3 times the moisture of the best absorbing knits. It is extremely fast at moving moisture around.

I am super excited about using zorb as my new absorbant layer for all my handmade cloth mentrual pads. I have tried and tested the material it seems to me a ‘miracle absorbant cloth’, and I thank the poeple at wazoodle for making it!

Please visit them and show them some love!



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