Sponsor Spotlight: Haeare Design

Today I would like to introduce you all to a new fabric brand called as the Haeare Design (“hae(偕), which means ‘to gather’” and “rae(來), which means ‘to come.’” So “Haerae” means “to come together”). I am in awe and drooling over the Haerae Design’s Aztec collection designed by Lady Leia.


Established by Daniel Ahn in 2014, Haerae Design works with talented designers from all over the world to create unique and original fabric patterns. And indeed when you look at their new Aztec collection designed by Lady Lei, I am sure you will all be mesmerized, just like I am. Have a look:

IMG_0784 IMG_0767 IMG_0772 IMG_0771

The Aztec collection designed by Lady Lei was inspired by the dynamic atmosphere of Aztec civilization. The bright colors and geometric patterns are a treat to the eye and will transport you to a different era.

ladyleia_arztec-flower ladyleia_aztec-coco-cut ladyleia_aztec-coco-stripe

I LOVE all their fabrics and cant wait for their upcoming second collection – From Space To Earth. Please do visit them and show them some love!




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New Products for Mama Cloth Pad Users in my Shop: Small Hanging Wet bags, & Mini Wet/Dry Bags with Snap Strap

I have an exciting news to share with you all today! I have introduced two new items to my shop that mama cloth pad users will find very useful.

1. Small Hanging Zippered Wetbag With Two Snap Handles:
These gorgeous small zippered hanging wetbags feature two snap handles so that you can hang the bag from anywhere you want, your stroller bar, or toilet roll in the bathroom, etc. Zippered top seals in all the smells!

8780 90000

Details of the bag:
~ 100% cotton exterior fabric
~ waterproof barrier fabric lining
~ Top quality water-resistant YKK zipper
~ 9.50″ x 9.25″
~ two snap handles made with heavy duty nylon webbing
~ lining and outer fabric are sewn separately to help prevent wicking through the seams. Also, there is an extra row of stitching along the top of the lining to prevent it from getting snagged in the zipper.

Use these bags to collect mama cloth pads, family cloth, lingerie, napkins, make-up cloths etc! A must have in any earth friendly room.

Care is simple – wash with your regular laundry. Hang to dry.

Currently I have the bag available in a gorgeous bubble dots in navy background print. But I have more prints in stock and upon request I can make them in any print you like. Please comment for details.

2. Zippered Wet/ Dry Bag with Snap Handle – Dual – Waterproof – Travel
Sophisticated and compact! These stylish water proof bags feature a large pocket to carry your small wet items, as well as features a front dry pocket to carry clean items. They are a perfect size to throw in your bag or purse. Great for either cloth or disposable diapers and wipes. Keep smells and moisture in.

1001 1002

~ large pocket lined with waterproof nylon & has YKK zipper closure
~ small pocket is lined and has a snap closure
~ lining and outer fabric are sewn separately to help prevent wicking through the seams. Also, there is an extra row of stitching along the top of the lining to prevent it from getting snagged in the zipper.
~ dimensions: 10.25″ x 6.25″
~ features a strap that snaps shut allowing you to hang the bag

The bag is small enough to hide in your purse but large enough to hold several pads (shown in second picture are a few folded pads that you can purchase from my shop). It would also function well to hold make-up, wipes or a few disposable diapers, cloth wipes, swim gear, gym gear, beach items, bibs and more

Care – wash with your regular laundry. Hang to dry.

Everything is handmade with love in Canada in a smoke and pet-free environment.

To place your order:
Website: http://www.omeesboutique.etsy.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/omeesboutique


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Sponsor Spotlight: Double Decker Fabrics

I get very excited when I discover local Canadian source for fabrics, that carry affordable as well as fun and fresh fabrics! My search led to Double Decker fabrics.




Dorienne is the owner of this  store, located in Alberta, Canada. They specialize in modern organic and cotton fabrics for sewing, crafting and quilting. She lives along with her husband and four children on an acreage. They like to go on nature walks, raise hens for fresh eggs, and make memories. Dorienne is a fabric lover. Please check out the shop!

Also, feel free to use the coupon code: OMEE10 at checkout to receive a 10% off discount.

Happy Sewing!


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New in the Shop: Mitten Clips

I’ve got some new items in my Etsy shop. If you have kids and you live in a place where it is cold, then this is a winter MUST-HAVE!


I am constantly losing my childs mittens everytime we go out. So my solution: my handmade Mitten Clips! These durable and fun mitten clips keep your child’s mittens clipped to your child’s coat when out and about. One side clips to the sleeve of their coat, and the other to the mitten. Perfect for school age kids and babies.

il_570xN.516970582_fu8q il_570xN.519261297_b9tc il_570xN.519261299_faxs

They are made using two layers of gorgeous 100% cotton designer fabrics for strength and structure, they will not fray or tear apart. The lead free clips have plastic teeth inside for easy and gentle attachment to clothes.

Hand or machine wash. Hang or lay flat to dry, do not use dryer.

Like any other baby accessory, you should not your child unattended while using this product.

To purchase or place an order, visit my etsy shop: http://www.omeesboutique.etsy.com


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Sponsor Spotlight: Organic Cotton Plus

I LOVE organic fabrics. They are my new favorites. I have recently bagan to use organic fabrics and currently baby to toddler bibs and baby carrier drool pads are available in organic fabrics in my shop.

OCP Banner Ad_120x120-3

My search for sources of organic fabrics led me to this amazing store – Organic Cotton Fabrics. They provide ready to ship 100% organic cotton supplies like wovens, kints and notions for sewists and are located in the US. They are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards and committed to fair labor and sustainable materials.


If you are not aware what Organic cotton is and what are their benefits, they even have a page on their website dedicated for just that. They also have a sale section and they keep updating their store with new products all the time.  I also recommend that you go visit their testimonials page, they have such amazing feedback! They also have free shipping on orders over $50 to US.

PicMonkey Collage

I LOVE all their fabrics and the beautiful selection they have. Please do visit them and show them some love!


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Best Ribbon Storage Idea Ever for Loose Ribbons!

A while back I had purchased a few ribbon hanks on sale. You know how delicious they look and how difficult is it to resist purchasing those gorgeous ribbons especially when they are on sale! So I ended up buying many. But as I began to use them, they were getting messy and I was looking for ideas on how to store them properly. A friend suggested pinterest and I was so happy to find a solution! Yay for pinterest! 🙂


I cut a piece of cardboard from a box, and started winding them up onto the cards, then attached the binder clip at the ends of the ribbons, and voila! they were all so well organized and I am so happy!


This is perhaps the bestest solution I have tried for organizing all my loose ribbons! 🙂


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New in my Etsy Shop – Cotton and Terry Snapping UnPaper Towels Roll

Green, beautiful, FUNCTIONAL! Unpaper towels are a great way to do something earth friendly and save money on paper towels at the same time. These are washable, reusable, soft and absorbent, and make a great gift!

Whatever you might use a paper towel for, you can use these cloths. Dry your hands, wipe up spills, clean the dining room table, dinner napkins, etc, etc. Even better then paper towels, you can actually clean glass and mirrors without leaving linty bits like paper towels and other cloths can do.

What’s the problem with paper towels?? The main problem is that the paper towels that most people use are made from virgin tree pulp. That means that trees are cut down and harvested for something that you are going to use ONE time. And then it gets thrown away…adding to the landfill problem. Oh and to make it even worse for the environment, they bleach the pulp releasing toxic chemicals into our environment. (For something that is used one time?!?)

So, cloth is better in so many ways. You can expect years of use from these cloths. And considering that you can toss these small cloths in with laundry that you already have to do…it doesn’t really have much environmental impact once you get them home.

Purchase towels here at my shop:



– Each set has EIGHT towels made of 100% premium printed cotton/flannel front and backed with a thirsty terry cloth.
– Each towel has 3 easy snaps on each end so you can snap the towels together. Snaps are sewn to withstand daily snapping and unsnapping. The middle snap keeps the cloth from sagging and the snaps will not scratch surfaces.
– Each towel has been turned and top-stitched for a longer life. I have also stitched across each towel to prevent bunching of the fabrics. These towels are made to last very long.
– Includes 3 elastic loops with snaps to easily attach to your existing paper towel roll.

t q q2 q3 q4 il_fullxfull.448237637_8kpn

Suggested uses:
~ Great for everyday cleaning duties ~ Keep by the sink for dishcloths
~ Have some in the bathroom to dry hands
~ Have some by the highchair for baby spills
~ Snap two towels together for an instant baby bib
~ Snap onto a towel bar in the bathroom for hand towels
~ Wrap around your swiffer and snap together for reusable swiffer pads

il_fullxfull.435776213_s39a il_fullxfull.443151316_1ad4 il_fullxfull.448221684_go3t 5 il_fullxfull.435398642_tqtu

Care instructions:
When they are dirty throw them in the washer with cold or warm water and mild detergent. It’s best if you don’t use fabric softener so they will be more absorbent, and dry on LOW HEAT! If your towel is very dirty pre-treat with detergent or dish soap that cuts grease. Do not iron snaps or tag. Vinegar can be placed in the rinse cycle along with wool dryer balls to softens clothes and remove any smells!

Handmade with love in Canada in a smoke and pet-free environment.

All products are created in very limited quantities, so if you see something you like scoop it up! They are available for you to buy for you to buy here at my shop:

Etsy Shop: http://www.OmeesBoutique.etsy.com
Email address: omee.bubu@gmail.com
Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/OmeesBoutique

Please email me if you have any questions!

Omee Bubu

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