Cute and Super Absorbent 3 layer Cotton Flannel Baby to Toddler Drool Bibs

I love making cute and functional bibs for wee ones. I look for inspiration everywhere.

The bibs that I make are two kinds: reversible-two layered, and three layered, and therefore super absorbent. They are all made with a 100% cotton or a 100% cotton flannel with cute prints.

A little FAQ on the Baby to Toddler Bibs from Omee’s Boutique:

My bibs are large in size compared to the tiny bibs you’re used to! At approximately 12″ x 8″ you’ll find that my bibs actually cover your little one’s clothing from shoulders all the way down to their lap so you’ll no longer need to change their entire outfit after every meal!

My bibs fit comfortably around your baby’s neck from infancy to toddler-hood! They all close at the back with snap or velcro.

The front and back of two layered reversible are made with printed either printed cotton or flannel. And three layered bibs are made from a cotton or flannel front and two layers of flannel in ivory color. Both cotton and flannel are great at absorbing liquids, unlike vinyl coated bibs where liquid drips right down and into your little one’s lap. All these absorbent layers will definitely stop liquids from going through to their clothing. I use flannel because it is soft, cozy, absorbent and makes the bib stick to your clothes. Very practical!

All of my bibs are easy to care for! Simply machine wash and dry. I have bibs that are more than 2 years old that have been washed hundreds of times and still look great!

All bibs are created in very limited quantities, so if you see something you like scoop it up! They are available for you to buy for your little ones here at my shop.

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